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Technological solutions for all industry sectors: pharmaceutical, financial, consumption, construction, automobile, etc.

Formax 2.0

Maximum productivity


Total attendance data.

Tracker Chain 2.0

Through this tool you will be able obtain precise information about personnel.

Productivity in Mobile Solutions

Attendance control of internal personnel


Control access record of external personnel

“The value of information is directly proportionate to the benefits obtained from it.”

Time Tracker Mexico.

Time Tracker, Maximum productivity


We are Time Tracker, a Mexico City and Tijuana based Mexican company founded in 2004. We began our activities developing innovative solutions for companies to control the access of external personnel based on Biometrics as our business base. To this day have evolved and implemented new schemes, recognizing and providing value to customers through our solutions, focusing mainly on the use of information captured from our biometric equipment and mobile apps in Business Intelligence (BI) environments.


We are present throughout Mexico with offices locations in Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey, Merida, Culiacan, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez. Our team consists of more than 100 collaborators, which allows us to effectively attend our clients and commercial partner’s requirements.


To this date, we have more than 800 clients, 1,500 control stations and 500,000 registered users.


“The implementation of our solutions allows a clear optimization of processes and the recollection of valuable data for our clients. We manage to integrate the attendance record and staff stay in databases for analysis, evaluation and timely decision making.”


More than

Registered users

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